Perfect Match

Only the best would do for Estrella Diamonds. That is why we paired them with platinum, one of Earth's rarest metal.

We use only Pt950 platinum to set our diamonds. Due to its rarity and unique qualities, the union of platinum and Estrella Diamonds are as timeless, enduring and pure as your love.

A symbol of your eternal promise.

Why Platinum?

Platinum is found in minute amounts and only in a few places in the world. Its scarcity and unique qualities make platinum 30 times rarer than gold.

It is for the discerning individuals who celebrate uniqueness and elegance.
Platinum's white colour and brilliant lustre reflects the true radiance of the Estrella Diamonds. Platinum used in jewellery is usually 95% pure. It is resistant to corrosion, does not tarnish and lasts forever. Its purity also makes platinum hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

It is as pure and exquisite as your love.
Platinum is a sturdy and durable metal due to its density and weight. A scratch on a piece of platinum jewellery is merely a displacement of the metal. It does not lose any of its volume.

The platinum and Estrella Diamonds pairing ensures that the collections remain brilliant and eternal, a legacy of Your Greatest Love Story.