The Estrella Diamond Cut
The perfect expression of your love. Estrella Diamond. So Rare. So Beautiful. So Perfect.
The Cut is the only diamond attribute that can be crafted by man and it is the Cut which brings out the sparkle associated with diamonds.
It is the total white light resurfacing caused by the reflection within the diamond.
The rainbow colour spectrum seen as a result of light dispersion.
Sparkling movement of light as you move the diamond.
Alignment of 57 facets in perfect symmetry that create 8 perfectly symmetrical Hearts & Arrows.
Estrella Diamonds are in perfect proportions because each stone is a labour of love and mathematics. The diamonds are cut according to exact measurements to produce maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Cut too shallow

Estrella Excellent cut

Cut too deep
Estrella Diamonds' excellent symmetry and alignment of its facets exhibit eight perfectly formed Hearts and Arrows that can be clearly seen under the Estrella scope. Only diamonds that precisely cut in symmetry and perfect proportion exhibit the extraordinary Hearts & Arrows like the Estrella Diamonds.
Each of the 57 facets in the Estrella Diamond is polished perfectly smooth and even by a master cutter. Such dedication to perfection produces a maximum display of brilliance, clear fire and sharp scintillation, and ultimately, creating the crème de la crème of diamonds.